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Starting Dec. 1, Uber and Lyft can pick you up at the airport

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The Daniel K Inouye International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. With Hawaii tourism on the rise, airport transportation can be challenging. 

So the announcement that Uber and Lyft can now pick up passengers from the airport, was welcomed by travelers. 

"That's awesome. It's such a huge component of every major city. Actually, when I flew into Honolulu the first time, it was weird that they didn't have it," Robin Benson, Traveler said.

"It brings jobs to people and it makes more competition," Randy Griebenow, another traveler said.

And the competition didn't seem to mind, so long as the ride sharing companies pay their dues. 

"You have to pay your permit fee to pick up and drop off at the airport. all of us. That's fair, that's all they ask for," Alex Matteo, a shuttle driver said.

Department of Transportation Spokesman Tim Sakahara says Uber and Lyft will pay fees and seven percent of all ride fares will go to the Department of Transportation. 

"We of course, use that money to operate to maintain to improve to pay salaries. All those things associated with running an airport. If they can pay that seven percent, then they're just like everyone else," Sakahara said. 

And extra revenue is not the only benefit. Sakahara says that more options equal shorter lines, which is good for everyone. 

"We actually think it's going to cut down the wait times for everyone. Now that the holiday season is a good time. You have peak travel, you have high volumes. It may actually save a few stalls in our parking facility," Sakahara said. 

And just like with everywhere else in Oahu, Uber ride prices will be given to passengers up front and will depend on where they are going. 

"It's a huge thing for people in Honolulu are going to love it," Benson said.

And if all goes well during the three month trial period, then Uber and Lyft pickups will be here to stay. 

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