KAILUA, Hawaii - Some neighbors of Aloha Tattoo Company say they believe Timothy Goodrich, 43, acted in self-defense.  Goodrich was arrested and released in connection with the stabbing death of 24-year-old Dayson Kaae on Monday in Kailua.

Goodrich's attorney also says his client acted in self-defense during an altercation in his shop.  At first, police didn't even know who was the victim and who was the suspect.  Ultimately, prosecutors decided not to file charges against Goodrich.

"I believe it's fair," said Yesenia Tehir, manager of the nearby Al Philips The Cleaner.  "He shouldn't have to pay for protecting himself.  I could see if it happened outside and he did it on purpose, then maybe.  But, he did it in his business.  His own business.  He got attacked.  He should be able to be free.

The Aloha Tattoo Company neighbors also say they’ve noticed suspicious activity recently and have taken extra safety precautions for themselves. A nearby dry cleaning employee said they have been locking and boarding their business.  Police are increasing its presence in the area.

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