Whatever role 24-year-old Dayson Ka'ae played in Monday night’s altercation, the "Day After” has been tough on his family.

While they mourn the loss of their loved one, they also said they found out the news at the speed of a computer click.
“Within an hour it was blasted all over Facebook.  His name was dropped and pictures were posted.  We didn’t even know anything.” Explained Sade Delosreyes, Ka’ae’s sister.

“I never expected something like this to happen.” Said Ka’ae’s mother, Lorraine Ka’ae.   

Ka'ae was the youngest of five siblings and a graduate of McKinley high school.

“He was a good kid.  He would always stop by my house or call to check up on us, especially my daughters.” Said Delosreyes.
Ka’ae was also a father to four-year old daughter Star.
Ka’ae’s mother says he worked at a game room.
Island news has confirmed Ka'ae was arrested last October at a game room.
His mother says whatever was going on last night, did not have to end the way it did.

“This whole thing, I just want closure.  I want to know why, you know, why they did what they did to him.  Because I don’t think he deserved to be killed that way.” Said Ka’ae.

“Whatever the situation was, I don’t think it was necessary to be escalated that far.” Said Delosreye’s.