KAILUA, Hawaii - A man arrested for second degree murder after a deadly stabbing in Kailua is now a free man. 

Honolulu Police said Timothy Goodrich was released around 5:30 PM Tuesday evening. 

Goodrich was arrested Monday night. He is accused of stabbing 24-year-old Dayson Ka'ae, who later died from his injuries.  

Myles Breiner, an attorney who represents Goodrich said prosecutors declined his case. 

"Mr. Goodrich never intended to hurt anyone," said Breiner. 

Breiner said Goodrich expressed remorse for killing Ka'ae.

"No one rejoices at someone perishing, a violent death-- is a violent death," said Breiner. 

Breiner emphasized Goodrich felt his life was in danger when Ka'ae entered his business, Aloha Tattoo, on Monday night.

"The bottom line was, this person came into his store, physically assaulted him, and attempted to rob him," said Breiner. 

Given the circumstances, Breiner said Goodrich acted in self-defense.

"Our hearts go out to the family, that's a terrible thing, Mr. Goodrich also has a family, he has two young children, a wife, he could have easily been the other person, who perished," said Goodrich.