Is it robbery, is it murder... or both?
Blurred lines after a killing in Kailua.
Even police have trouble saying who is the suspect and who is the victim.

Shop owners and store employees along Kuulei Road say their section of Kailua is normally a quiet, friendly one.

"I look forward to coming here all the time because it is quiet. Everyone in the community knows one another and helps each other out," said Wimini employee Chelsea Miyashiro.

But the area turned into a crime scene after deadly violence broke out. According to police, two men went into Aloha Tattoo Monday evening.
One of the men, Dayson Ka'ae, reportedly punched shop owner Timothy Goodrich, and the two started fighting. Police believe Goodrich pulled out a knife and stabbed Ka'ae.

"I was like what? Like I never would have imagined something like that would happen. It kind of caught me off guard," added Miyashiro.

Neighboring shop owners said Goodrich was friendly, and a number also considered him helpful and kind.
His attorney said this was a case of self-defense and claimed Goodrich was attacked in his own shop.

"Last night I see police and I ask, 'what is going on?' And the officer tells me, 'some fighting'. They were putting up yellow tape, caution tape," said Kailua resident Doloras Sensontic. 
She lives in the apartments above the shops, and came home to police tape and an active murder investigation.

24 year old Kaae had been repeatedly stabbed, and he died in a car nearby, according to police.

Goodrich does have a criminal record. Ten years ago he served 90 days in prison after an assault with a weapon, that weapon was a knife.

The day after the violence, the police tape has come down and the crime scene cleaned up. And already employees at nearby stores and neighbors say they once again feel safe.

"Over here, nighttime is when I come out. And whatever time I come out and walk around, it's a peaceful place, and never scary," added Sensontic.

 Along with the murder investigation, police also opened up a robbery investigation. 
While the other man who entered Aloha Tattoo with Ka'ae has not yet been located by police.