HONOLULU - The film "Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle" has made huge economic impacts for the State of Hawaii.

"The economic impact of productions like these can be in excess of 100 million in terms of economic impact.  That's not their spend, that's the trickle through the economy." explained Georja Skinner, DBEDT's Creative Industries Administrator. 

Skinner says the five months of filming here provided roughly 400 local jobs as well as to local vendors who provided craft services for the production.

"Small businesses that helped provide food, ice companies for example, and lumber companies when they're building sets." said Skinner. 

Tourism also benefits from feature films or T.V. series filmed in Hawaii.

This week, the press flew into Hawaii from all over the world for Jumanji's press junket. Skinner says the exposure is monumental.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also draws millions by being a walking promotion and making appearances like he did at Sunday night’s first screening of Jumanji in Kapolei. 

The movie officially hits theatre's December 20.