HONOLULU - 15-thousand scientists from 184-countries, including professors and researchers from islands sign off on a warning to humanity.

The warning expresses concern about the state of our environment. 

Island News spoke with a scientist who signed off on this warning and the original one issued in 1992 that claimed humans and the natural world are on a collision course. 

"Things have changed for the worse since then," Mark Hixon, marine biology professor at the University of Hawaii said. 

Hixon signed off on the original warning in 1992 that called on people to become better stewards of the planet.

The warning highlighted environmental stressors in the air, ocean, soil, and forests.

Scientists who signed off on the warning-- believe the large number of people on the planet added to the environmental stress. 

25-years later, scientists, including Hixon say there's increased global warming, less fresh water and food resources, and 2-billion more people living on the planet. 

"What most people don't know, that it's not just getting worse, it's getting worse faster and faster and faster and faster, and if we don't act soon if we don't and soon it will be too late," Hixon said. 

Scientists who signed off on this second warning believe to become better stewards of the environment we must continue to promote green energy, restore native plant populations, combat poverty, and increase access to contraception to prevent overpopulation. 

They emphasize if the world doesn't act now, the earth is reaching its tipping point.