Honolulu Police are looking for a man who stole nearly $5,000 worth of jewelry from a consignment store Thursday morning.

Surveillance video caught a man walking towards La Parisienne on Pensacola Street. The owner of the store says he came in looking for gold chains.

After trying some on, he even asked a worker to take photos of him on her own phone.  Another bizarre layer is the man then asked the worker to send those photos from her phone to a number, claiming he wanted his wife to see the chains. 

The man then left the store for five minutes before returning, only to try on more chains and ask the workers for more pictures.

“He asked my worker, would you take a picture for me again?  Then she said O.K. I’m going to take your picture.  He kept on saying to her, go a little more far away, far away," explained Yong-Cha Higa, owner of La Parisienne.

That's when Higa says the man bolted for the exit, knocking over items in the store and shoving her worker to the ground.  Surveillance video caught the man dashing across the street.

The worker was later taken to the hospital with knee injuries.

The store owner chased him down the street but was unable to catch him. 

Higa describes him as being 5'6" with salt and pepper hair and tattoos on his arm. The incident is still under investigation.  Anyone with information is asked to call police.