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Since 2010, more than a dozen patients escaped Hawaii State Hospital

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KANEOHE, Hawaii -

Randall Saito isn't the first to escape Hawaii State Hospital.  Since 2010, there has been 17 escapes.

In addition to Saito's escape on Sunday, the most recent happened on September 26, when patient Rhegan Kinoshita walked out of the facility. He was located and brought back into custody several hours later. 

Just days before that, on September 20, 2017 Leia McNeely ran from escort staff while being transported to an appointment. She was arrested the following day.

Other notable people who have fled from the state psychiatric hospital include, David True Seal, who escaped in 2009 and remained free until he fatally stabbed a man on the Big Island in 2013. 

Saito claimed the way he was treated at the Hawaii State Hospital is what led up to his reason to flee.

"Over the years, I've been assaulted by other patients... And even by staff at some point, but nothing ever came of it... My behavior as I said, has always been exemplary without psychotropic meds, so this is me. This is me you're talking to," he said in a one-on-on interview Thursday. 

The State Health Department issued a statement in response saying:

The Hawaii State Hospital provides inpatient psychiatric services for court-ordered individuals within a safe and therapeutic environment.  The hospital recently earned national re-accreditation by the Joint Commission.  As part of the extensive and detailed requirements to renew accreditation, the hospital must maintain a high standard of patient safety and quality of care.  All credible allegations of abuse at the hospital are investigated thoroughly by an independent agency. If there was any neglect, mistreatment, or abuse at the hospital, then corrective actions are instituted as required.