HONOLULU - Are Hawaii's school systems prepared in case of a natural disaster? The Department of Education says yes.

After Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai in 1992, all Hawaii public schools are required to perform five types of emergency drills at least once annually: including earthquake, evacuation, lock downs, tsunami, and shelter-in-place scenarios, in addition to fire drills.

The DOE says many inland-located schools also serve as shelters.

In the case of a disaster, school won't resume until it's no longer used as an activated shelter. 

"In regards to response, we're very fortunate to have a strong congressional delegation that will make sure that we have those resources, we have the state and county agencies, we have a coordinated effort," Donalyn Dela Cruz, Department of Education spokesperson said.  

Kama'aina Kids, Hawaii's largest childcare provider says all of its locations practice monthly emergency drills.

The preschool program also keeps three days worth of food, water and disaster kits in stock at all times in the case of an emergency.