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Puerto Rico students locked out of an education ever since Hurricane Maria

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Not only are the gates to a school in Naranjito locked, but students are locked out of an education. They haven't seen a classroom since the hurricane hit.
15-year-old Julian Rivera has been out of school more than he's been in it this year.
"When Irma hit, we go to school like one month, then no more school," Rivera said. 

No education means Rivera's dreams are being put on hold. He's worried he'll fall behind.
Rivera wants to be a chef and says if he can't pass his grades, he can't go to school.

That's the reality for a lot of kids in Puerto Rico. Since Maria - many of the classrooms are locked - and the playgrounds - empty.
With no hope in sight, parents are flying their kids to the mainland to get an education. 
In some of the schools that are open, there's no water or electricity. Alessandra Santiago's kids learn in a hot, dim classroom. 

To Santiago's understanding, it's hot in school and children can't wash their hands or flush the toilet. 
It's up to FEMA and the National Guard engineers to survey the damage and structure of each school. There's no exact timeline on how long that will take and when or if, all of the island's schools will reopen. 

Friday night on Island News, we take you to the Navy's floating hospital, which was brought in to help ease the pressure on the hospitals that are still running on generators. 

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