HONOLULU - Marcelino Soudy was one of the men in a viral video that raised thousands of eyebrows.

He told Island News his friend who filmed himself hiding a bottle of wine under his shirt did not steal it. Instead, off-camera, he swapped it out with a bottle of water.

“He was just fooling around yeah, you grab the wine, put it inside and pretend like he had it,” Soudy said.

Surveillance video from the 7-Eleven store confirms their story.

But according to Honolulu Police, posting video of simulated crimes can result in a criminal investigation        

The video was posted live on Facebook, generating hundreds of negative comments on social media.

Richard Baang says: he's foolish to have gone live with this. Kids. Social Media.

Jonah Carino wrote: maybe other teenagers will copy them. "Shoplifting challenge"...shaking my head.

Les Yanagi says: I fail to see the humor behind this!

But Gordon Kekahuna adds: if he walked out of the store with the wine without paying, yeah shoplifting...but just clowning around...eh, he's a kid.

Prank or not, the men had no clue the video would get the attention it did.

“After he heard video went viral, I didn't really like go anywhere anymore. I wanted to just stay close by, I'll be here, people might look at me like oh he's the guy that was doing that,” Soudy said.

Pranks posted on Instagram showcasing criminal behavior have gotten mixed reviews.

Social media experts believe it's an addiction, a form of validation gotten from likes – getting people to throw common sense out the window.

"It feels good to get likes, it feels good to have people like your images and it provides a certain amount of validation and I think if you base your life around likes and it’s really important to you, then you might throw your common sense out the window,” Amanda Tompkins, social media expert said.

Soudy apologized and says they won't be posting videos like this anymore.