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Manhunt underway for hospital escapee

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KANEOHE, Hawaii -

On the hunt for an escapee from the Hawaii State Hospital.

A number of law enforcement agencies look for a patient with a violent history, that is now on the loose.

Things were quiet on The Windward Community College campus Monday afternoon.
But next door at the Hawaii State Hospital, an investigation was underway into why a patient walked away and didn't return.

Randall Saito left the hospital at 9am Sunday. He was supposed to return by 11, but never came back.
According to published reports, the 59 year old patient had been allowed supervised releases in the past.

This time, when he didn't return, alerts went out Sunday night. Including emails sent to college students that would be headed to class.

"The alert was very descriptive. It had his name, his height, hair color, there were good details," said Jojo Guillaume.

 Guillaume has been attending WCC for three years, and says he is used to the alerts. But many were still talking about the escape on campus.

"Our teacher went over one thing earlier this morning. The professor had mentioned be aware, watch your surroundings, if you see anything speak up. Don't just ignore it," stated Guillaume.

Some students said since there have not been problems on their campus, they weren't worried.

"I am mentally ill myself. So I don't see it as nefarious, crazy people out to kill us. I just see it as an everyday thing," said Spencer McCarrey, a first year student of WCC.

But others expressed concern.

"Just a little nervous, because i know its right there and i park over here and i don't know who will be waiting by the car. I try not to worry about it but anything could happen," said second year WCC student Quinn Yamasaki.

Especially as they found out about Saito's history. He committed a brutal slaying in 1979, shooting a woman in the face then stabbing her to death before being committed to the Hawaii State Hospital.

"We actually printed a picture of him and we put it on top of our door, so that other students would know what he looked like in case they didn't see the alert. We were definitely watching out," said Kalae Lopes.
    As the Department of Health investigated what went wrong, it also released a statement which said --
 "The Hawaii State Hospital staff takes all escapes seriously and has safeguards in place to minimize the chances of these from occurring."

  But this has been the second escape in the past two months.

In fact, the Hawaii State Hospital has had two escapes each year for the past four years.

A reminder, if you do see Saito - don't approach him, simply call police.