HONOLULU - What should you do if you come across an aggressive animal on your property? The Hawaiian Humane Society says, 'call the police.'
The story Island News reported Tuesday about Hilahila, a pet pig killed after escaping from his owner's backyard in Mililani has generated hundreds of mixed comments on our Facebook page.  
The man who summoned his dogs and stabbed Hilahila last Sunday defended his actions saying the animal was endangering residents.

A witness told Island News Wednesday, the pig darted towards her in a residential town home complex parking lot and believes the man did the right thing. The woman asked Island News to protect her identity because she fears she'll be harassed.

"There were people that were running behind their cars. They were running behind people. They were running behind trees. They were running across the street. It was pure madness," she exclaimed.

Hilahila's owners didn't witness the incident but claim the pig was likely scared.

HHS advises the public to leave animal control to authorities.

"If you think they might have a chance to hurt you or hurt another pet, take a step back and call 9-1-1 and let someone who is able to handle the situation do so. You don't know what the animal's temperament is. It could be aggressive. They could be hurt and you might make the animal's injury worse," said HHS Communications Specialist Suzy Tam.

Honolulu Police said a 9-1-1 call was placed and officers arrived within 10 minutes. But by the time cops arrived, the pig was already dead.

Police said Hilahila didn't have a collar, so officers assumed it was feral.

HHS said it's important to place an identification object on the pet.   

"Like dogs and cats, they wear collars and ID tags. Just something that maybe people can tell that this animal belongs to you," said Tam.  

HPD is asking anyone who witnessed or has photos of videos of the incident to contact them. HHS is conducting an investigation.