A fishing boat that ran onto a reef close to Kaimana Beach in Waikiki nearly two weeks ago is sticking around a little longer.

The Coast Guard has made multiple attempts to move the Pacific Paradise, but the 79-foot vessel hasn’t moved.

The Coast Guard explained a plan is being developed to either reduce the weight of the ship after taking on water, or even trying to lift the vessel rather than pull it.

Before any further actions, the Coast Guard will take a complete assessment to get the Pacific Paradise off the reef. 

“We’ve had issues with the surging of the water and water clarity, and have been unable at this point to conduct an assessment of the hull.  Once that assessment is completed and we’re able to get favorable weather conditions, we’ll attempt to remove the vessel.” Explained Gregg Maye, the U.S. coast Guard Operational Section Chief for the Pacific Paradise Command.

Another reason for the extra caution, the Coast Guard estimates about 1,500 gallons of fuel is submerged and plugged on the ship.

“”When we re-float the vessel, one of the reasons why we want to do an inspection of the hull is to make sure that it can withstand that stress.  We don’t want to damage the vessel in the process and have a release of fuel right on Waikiki Beach." explained Maye. 

Suzanne Case with the Department of Land and Natural Resources explained there are also stabilizers on the vessel that may have gotten wedged into the reef, making the tug a lot harder.

Once it's finally dislodged, disposal of the ship is up in the air.  The Coast Guard says some options include cutting it up, or disposing the vessel in deep water. 

A safety zone has been put up in the area.  The Coast Guard is asking the public to stay away from the vessel for safety reasons.  The ships owner's insurance company is funding the response.

The vessel has already caught on fire twice in efforts to remove it from the reef.