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New twist on yoga lighting up city parks

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You could call it the "blue light" special.  The glow-in-the-dark lights are making people ask, "What's up with that?"

They are people in a yoga class wearing LED headsets.  Our cameras caught this action at Kailua Beach Park Thursday night.

Island News first saw the classes advertised online, not just at Kailua but at Magic Island, and at Kaimana Beach.

It's called Silent Disco Yoga.  It originated in a nightclub.  Yoga enthusiasts took the idea of glowing headsets and ran with it.

Here in Hawaii, the sunset yoga classes were advertised  this week at $27 a pop.  In cities across the globe, its attracts hundreds of participants and  the price tag goes up too. But, this new twist on yoga in our parks and beaches is raising some eyebrows.

"It's about people using the public beach for their profit. That doesn't sit well with me," said Kukana Kama-Toth.

The Windward Oahu resident says she rents space to teach her fitness classes. and thinks it’s unfair that others are making money off public parks and beaches.  Commercialism is a particularly sensitive issue in Kailua.

"This is the community's resource. This is the Kailua Community's resource and there should’t be any kind of profiting unless it’s legal,” said Toth.

But the city said the yoga group doesn't have a permit to operate at Kailua, or any other beach.

"We do permits for picnics of course, and for certain activities, but not for fitness," said Parks Director Michelle Nekota.

Kama-Toth who is all for fitness, thinks the silent disco yoga classes should maybe go indoors.

"It is mai’kai. It's great. Find your own venue rent space like other people do," said Kama-Toth.

Thursday night in Kailua, Island News spotted a sign offering free yoga classes.  It turns out, it wasn't for the Silent Disco yoga , but another group.

The Source Yoga told KITV it was conducting its free class nearby where the for profit group had set up. Travis Cundiff said his group offers a free sunrise yoga class on Sundays, as well as around when there is full moon.

The Source said it doesn't charge a fee and has been offering its classes for several months.  Cundiff said the Parks Dept was aware of its operation.  The city said if you see other activities in the park that are unpermitted, you should call police.

"If we do hear of anything we would ask for HPD's assistance," said Nekota.

But enforcement isn’t easy.  Right now, the city doesn’t have a system to manage for profit companies in the park.  Efforts to reach Yoga in HI Places for comment were not successful.

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