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Former Pearl City woman prepared to die during Vegas shooting

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A former Pearl City resident is thankful she survived Sunday's deadly massacre in Las Vegas. Jeanna Lee was bartending at the Route 91 Festival when hundreds of rounds of bullets rained down.

Las Vegas sheriffs say shooter Stephen Paddock unloaded gunshots for 10 straight minutes

"I just shut my eyes and waited for it to be pau and it wasn't. It kept going and going and going," said Lee.  

It's been tough for her to express what happened just four days ago. She had been bartending all weekend at the festival, right near the main stage.

When singer Jason Aldean took the stage Sunday, Lee was relieved, because that meant her 12 hour shift was coming to an end. Little did she know it would be the longest night of her life.

As bullets flew, crowds frantically scattered. Dozens rushed to hide behind Lee's bar stand.

"Everybody was screaming and panicking and one of my bartenders was with me and she was holding me and she just said we have to pray. So we were praying out loud and I just kept my eyes shut," Lee said.  

She eventually joined those running to escape.

"I tried to get out as fast as possible but I was one of the later ones to get out. By then, there was blood and bodies everywhere. I just kept going," Lee said.

Investigators have not yet been able to figure out the shooter's motive. Lee said pictures of the killer give her chills.  
"Every time I see him on the news, it gives me like chicken skin. I can't understand what could've possibly triggered him to do this. It just makes no sense.

Lee said a number of those killed on Sunday were her customers that night.

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