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Making noise over a late night Kaka'ako party

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        Legislators make noise over a loud, late night party. Calling for answers to why a Kaka'ako party lasted so long.
       On a typical afternoon, 975 Waimanu Street is a quiet parking lot filled with just over a dozen cars.

      But video from neighbors show the same lot packed with hundreds of people at an outdoor music concert and party which was held on September 23rd. 
"An outdoor party is not allowed in the district," said Garett Kamemoto with the Hawaii Community Development Authority. The lot is in the HCDA district, where events have to be approved, but Kamemoto stated the party did not get a permit.

    The late night concert also went on for hours after police got complaints about the loud music. 

"The noise should have stopped. The crowd should have been dispersed. This occurred between two highrise residential towers," said House Speaker Scott Saiki.

According to HPD, between 11pm and 1:30 in the morning, there were approximately two dozen complaint calls to 9-1-1.

Saiki was one of several lawmakers who sent a letter to Mayor Kirk Caldwell asking him to look into why the noise wasn't stopped earlier and the crowds immediately cleared.

"The crowd and the party was out of control, and there needed to be some law enforcement going on that night," said the House Speaker.

But HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu issued a statement explaining "after a decision was made to end the event... some concert goers began chanting profane, anti-police remarks. Because of the crowd size and noise level, there were serious concerns the crowd could become unruly and hurt other concert goers, turn on the police officers or damage the surrounding buildings and cars."

"The fact officers had some fear, tells me there was disorderly conduct, and they should have called for re-enforcement," added Saiki.

According to Yu, that is what officers did. She added "while it took a long time to disperse the large crowd...there were no reports of injuries or property damage to neighboring buildings after the event."

The late night party, and the complaints that came from residents, could cause lawmakers to take a closer look at Hawaii's current noise laws. 

"There have been incidents in the past where this has occurred and it is something we will probably have to take a look at. We may have to improve or enhance noise regulations," said Saiki.

 Could there be more outdoor concerts or parties in the mixed use section Kakaako?

"If anyone were to approach us to hold that event, we would tell them that is not a permitted use in the district. Can I guarantee someone will hold a party and not let us know? I can't do that," stated Kamemoto.

      In addition to sending a letter to the Mayor, lawmakers also asked him to contact the property owner and request he voluntarily agree not to hold similar events in the Kakaako parking lot.

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