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Fans get free tickets after security nightmare at NBA exhibition game; some still upset

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After major back-ups at the security checkpoint during Sunday's NBA Exhibition Game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors, the goal was simple at the Stan Sheriff Center Tuesday evening.

Get everyone past security before tip-off. 

"I wouldn't be here, except I bought tickets for tonight's game already, but I won't come back to another game," said John Orendorff. 

Orendorff is just one of many fans who didn't make it into the Stan Sheriff until the second half of Sunday's game. He still remembers what it was like outside. 

"I was hyperventilating, I was sweating, it ruined our night," he recalled, "we were pushed, we were stepped accidentally, but it was a horrible, horrible experience." 

"Right now, it's empty," said Sharon Yarbrough, who arrived extra early Tuesday, "but it was packed, we didn't know which way to go, there was no one to direct us into the right lane, it was a little confusing, but now we're going to end on a happy note." 

Yarbrough also didn't make it into the Stan Sheriff until after the game started on Sunday. Yarbrough and her husband were among the many fans who received complimentary tickets to Game 2. 

"The opportunity was great," said Yarbrough, "I think that was a great marketing idea, to offer people a second chance to get their money's worth." 

"My ticket wasn't complimentary," said Orendorff, "I already bought for tonight, so when I asked them, what can you do for me, they said nothing, you bought a ticket already." 

Despite smooth sailing through security, with no compensation for the trouble he went through-- Orendorff has a message for the people who bring the NBA to Hawaii. 

"In my opinion, if you're not prepared for an NBA event, don't host it," said Orendorff. 

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