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Kaua'i girl survives Vegas shooting

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A Kaua'i native's Vegas vacation turned into a nightmare Sunday night. What started out as a fun getaway for 19-year-old Marissa Castle and her boyfriend Gio Rios would eventually escalate into pure horror. The couple were among thousands that flocked to the annual Route 91 Festival.
Both recall the terrifying moment when they realized gun fire was erupting into the crowd.

"We continued to hear the bullets coming and we dropped down. That's when two or three people landed on her. Two on her legs and one on her back. The guy that was on her back was actually dead," said Rios.

During her interview with Island News, Castle was unable to hold back tears. She says even though two days have passed, certain sounds reignite her memory of the tragedy.     

"Things dropping to the ground. Bangs, any noise like that kind of triggers another panic attack," said Castle.

Both were able to safely escape. Castle suffered some bruises and scrapes.

Rios said he believes there was more than one shooter. He posted his theory about multiple shooters on his Facebook page. That post has garnered more than four thousand comments.

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