In the hours when late night turns into early morning, Adam Jonathan Ordonez, also known as Jonny Correa, was outside grabbing a smoke with Maleko Remlinger.

Neither knew these would be Remlinger's final moments.

"Next thing you know, this guy comes out and he has short dreads, he was a black dude and he whips out the gun out of his shirt," Correa said. 

The man started shooting, Correa was hit.

"I got up and then I ran around the trash can and then I saw my other friend, my friend from Cheesecake Factory cause I used to work there, he was bleeding out of his hand, it was like dripping pretty bad," Correa said.

Bad suddenly got worse. They spotted Remlinger on the ground writhing in pain.

"He was like 'ah it hurts to breathe' he's like, it hurts to breathe. And I’m just like brah chill, you're gonna be fine. It's just a pellet gun,” Correa said.

All three men were rushed to the hospital, only two would survive and Correa wants justice.

"That guy deserves everything that’s coming to him. There’s no reason to just come and open fire on a bunch of random people,” Correa said.

To Correa, his friend wasn't random and he feels the loss.

"He's just a really solid braddah you know, he's a good guy. He just has a good rep. Everyone knows him for being exactly that,” Correa said.

Both Correa and Remlinger's family say Maleko was an avid body boarder.

The youngest of six brothers and sisters. He graduated from Keaau High School on the Big Island.

He was living in Waikiki and working as a bar back at Yard House.

Correa says none of the men had any ties to the shooter and never saw him before.

The third victim was shot in the arm.

Friends and co-workers identify him as 27-year old Gerardo Arce, an employee of Waikiki's cheesecake factory.