HONOLULU - State Rep.Gene Ward is urging Hawaii residents to be prepared should North Korean missiles be targeted on the islands.

On Friday, Rep. Ward spoke with business organizations about how safe Hawaii is.  Ward says if missiles are directed toward the islands, it would cripple the state's tourism industry.  With limited bomb shelter space, most people would be on their own to fend off a nuclear fallout.

Ward also reiterated his call for peaceful talks between Pres. Donald Trump and dictator Kim Jong Un.

"The diplomats can have a big impact if they push it, but everybody saying "Well, you got to stop your nuclear test before we sit down with you and North Korea" is saying you've got to stop your agreement with the South Koreans to do military stuff but we're not gonna sit down with you so it's a mutual standoff," said Ward.

Ward says he's also concerned because Hawaii was placed on Kim Jong Un's "Map Of Death" more than a year ago.