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Bike shops report decline in rentals after Biki Bikeshare launch

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More Biki Bikeshare stations, means less customers for some local businesses.

Some Honolulu bike shops report a decline in bike rental customers since the Biki program launched on June 28.  

Henry Jiao owns Aloha E-Bikes in Honolulu, a bike shop that also offers rentals. 

"I feel recently, since the last month the Biki bikes running, we feel like there are less visitors now doing that," said Jiao. 

Jiao says he's lost about $1,000-$2,000 a month since the Biki Bikeshare Program opened, but instead of snapping, Jiao is keeping a sense of humor. 

"They should be pushing more bike lanes," said Jiao, laughing.  

Some bike shops in Honolulu say they have seen up to a 10% drop in their rentals.

Biki enthusiasts say they choose Biki, because it's all about convenience.

"I have a Biki pass," said Sarah Chamberlain, a Biki enthusiast, "and I've been using it to get to and from work, I walk to work in the morning and take the Biki home." 

Some frequent users were happy to see 10 new stations open Monday, like this one at Ward Village. 

"I was a little bit surprised, I had no idea that they had the Biki bikes over at Ward," said Chamberlain, "I've been advocating for it to come in over here since they opened up." 
"What we were able to do this time by installing more stations was fill in some of the gaps that people were telling us about, and what we noticed when we were looking at our data," said Lori McCarney, Executive Director of Bikeshare Hawaii.     

As Biki continues to grow, Bikeshare Hawaii says bike shops should remember-- Biki can't serve everyone. 

"We don't have tandem bikes, we don't talk about our bikes going out on trips all day or keeping them for half a day, they are for short trips," said McCarney. 

For Jiao, growing the bicycling community is always a good thing. 

"You have more bikes running on the road, people feel more safe," said Jiao, "the cars are more aware of bikers." 

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