After more than four decades, Ward Warehouse is closing.

 Heading into its final weekend, “Closing Sale” signs hang from store windows.  For some, saying Aloha won't be easy. 

“I’ve been coming here for probably over ten years.  We’ve been coming and trying to take advantage of the sales but it’s been a big part of me just kind of growing up too.” said shopper Allison Akana.

The shopping complex opened 42 years ago, in August, 1975. It’s a day Peter Chessen remembers very well, when he helped cut the ribbon for the grand opening.

“It was something new and it was something different than Ala Moana Shopping Center.  A lot of the people were first time shop owners.” said Chessen.

Chessen used to be one of them, previously owning four stores there.

As loved as Ward Warehouse is, he says it’s simply time to move on.

“They say that it was designed for 15 years but actually we had a 20-year lease.  So, it was designed for 20, 25 years and it’s gone 20 years past that.” Said Chessen.

If they haven’t already, many shop-owners plan to re-locate. 

For others like Shan Shek, owner of "Mr. Egg Roll", it's the end of the road for good.

“I’m planning to travel first of all because, right here for 16 years I didn’t have any vacation days off.  Only three days a year.” explained Shek.  

Ward Warehouse will eventually be replaced by "Gateway Towers", a planned project featuring two luxury condominiums.