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Father of U.S. soldier accused of pledging loyalty to ISIS speaks out

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KAILUA, Hawaii -

The charges against the US soldier accused of pledging his loyalty to ISIS, stunned his family.

Sgt. Ikaika Kang's father, Cliff Kang, told Island News he found out about the charges against his son after receiving calls from the media Monday morning.  

"Why would he do that? He got everything going for him. I just don't understand it," said Kang.

Kang said his son grew up in Waimanalo. He played baseball and football at Kaiser High School, but his passion was surfing.  

Kang, a Vietnam veteran, said his son enlisted in the army after graduating from Kaiser High in 2001.

"I couldn't afford college, so I said go in the army and get a trade," said Kang, "and that's what he did, and it's not a bad life if there's no war."

After the 9/11 attacks, his son was sent to the Middle East. Kang said his son changed after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"You would say a joke and and he didn't think it was funny, or understands so I thought give them time, give him time he will get back to normal, civilian life," said Kang.

Eventually, Kang said his son turned to Islam.

"He's very much into that religion," said Kang. 

His son encouraged him to read the Koran. 

"I said fine but there's a good side and the bad side," said Kang.  

Kang said his son never expressed any extreme beliefs to his family. 

"It has to be some type of medical problem, and I hope that's why he's acting bizarre," said Kang. 

Despite the charges against his son, Kang said he is still proud of him for serving our country the past 16-years. 

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