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Honolulu bikeshare program hits +11,000 rides in first week


As of Thursday morning, Bikeshare Hawaii has reported more than 11,000 total rides.

Honolulu's new "Biki" bikesharing system launched last Wednesday, and already over 4,800 people are using the it to get around.

That's more than 650 people per day, renting a "Biki" bike just in the first week. 

Since the first day of operation, Waikiki and Kakaako/Ala Moana reportedly had the most popular "Biki stops."

"We have one right close to the shop, just half a block from us and I don't think I've seen more than two bikes on that,"  BOCA Hawaii's Kalei Waiwaiole said.

Island News reached out to several local bike rental shops to hear their feedback, and while some say "it's too soon to tell," other companies don't predict the new bikesharing program will affect their business.

"I don't think we are losing business from that. I mean those types of people wouldn't come rent the bikes that we have, Waiwaiole said, "I hope to see sales from bike cruisers and commuter bikes. People would be like 'Hey.. I like this biking thing, let's go get some of our own bikes."

But one company isn't taking its chances. Island News spoke with the former owner of Waikiki Bike Tours and Rentals. He tells us he sold his business, claiming that as soon as "Biki" rolled-out rental sales already started to decline. 

Regardless, there are still some shops that support "Biki" because it makes people aware of cyclists on the road and promotes a more active lifestyle.

"It's really cool to see people getting out in their community, being a part of their community," Waiwaiole added.

Since last Wednesday's launch, no bikes have been damaged or stolen. 

Bikeshare Hawaii says so far, the most common user mistake is not making sure the bike is docked when returning it and users putting pets and kids in the basket, which is strictly prohibited.

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