Those flashes in the sky this fourth of July may cause a frenzy for your furry friends.

According to the website, PetAmberAlert, animal control officials across the nation say more pets go missing around the fourth of July than any other time of the year - with July 5th being one of the busiest days for shelters across the country.

Pet owners are gearing up for the firework displays.

“We’ve had some experiences with fireworks that haven’t gone so well so we have a Thundershirt that we put on him. It kind of acts like a big cuddle. It tends to calm him down a bit.” Said dog owner Emily Young.

For veterinarians, it's a busy time as well.

“People come in wanting advice and possibly medication to help relax their pets so they’re not stressed.” Said King Street Pet Hospital Veterinarian Heidi Choy. ‘

To avoid them getting scared, Choy says to keep your furry friends in a safe place indoors, and don't leave them outside and unattended.

“Maybe play some music, close all the windows.  If you have to take them outside, make sure the leash or harness is really secure. I’ve had some pets get really nervous and get out of their leashes and run away.” Advised Choy.

Choy says there are also safe, prescribed medications to help alleviate your pets fear and anxiety.

One of the most important aspects of safety your pet should have all year round is proper identification.

For Microchip Madness month, veterinary clinics statewide are partnering up with the Hawaiian Humane Society to offer $10 microchipping for pets throughout July.