HONOLULU - Hundreds of demonstrators from 28 pro-union organizations took part in the Workers March Monday evening.

Demonstrators marched from the rotunda at Hawaii's state capitol, down Punchbowl Street, to the federal building in Downtown Honolulu.

"Unions are what helped build America and if we want to continue to make America great, then this is where it's at," said Kehaulani Makaila, of the Hawaii Government Employees Association. 

Labor experts say 20% of Hawaii's workforce are represented by unions, making the Aloha State number two in the nation for highest union membership.

"Unions are the only thing between us and corporations that are trying to hold back profits and workers rights and conditions," said Irish Barber, of Local 665.

Many demonstrators worry about their right to collective bargaining under the Trump Administration, and the push for right to work laws. 

"I feel that he is public enemy number one to be honest," said Barber

With the same shared sentiment, 21 local unions banded together-- marching in solidarity with millions in similar demonstrations around the world. 

"The middle class is where it's at, this is the foundation, this is the core for us, so we really need to preserve that," said Makaila.

As one voice, their goal is to stand up for working men and women everywhere.