HONOLULU - Bikeshare Hawaii volunteers spent Monday canvassing businesses in Waikiki before launching "Biki" this summer.

Hawaii's new bikeshare program will feature 1000 bicycles and 100 stations in its first phase. The stations span from Downtown Honolulu to Diamond Head. 

Lori McCarney, CEO of Bikeshare Hawaii, said stations are placed at locations that will help Hawaii residents and visitors navigate their way to several popular locations that may be too far for them to walk, but too close for them to drive or hire a cab.

"We're going to be providing opportunities for people to get on a bike again in case they haven't, the Hawaii Bicycling League is going to help with that," said McCarney,  "we just hope people will give it a try, it's one of those things where it really can be a fun way to get somewhere, it's one way trips and we think they'll really enjoy it."

Bikeshare volunteers will spend Tuesday canvassing the Diamond Head and Kapahulu areas.     

"Biki" is scheduled to launch in June.