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Extending human life: UH scientists announce new research

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       Researchers at the University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine believe they've cracked the code as to why some live longer than others.
       The school announced Tuesday it's closer than ever to understanding how human life can be extended.
       Tests on worms and mice unveiled anti aging benefits of a gene called FOX 03.
       Everyone has the gene but research shows people that live well into their 90's have a certain form of it.

     "It's equivalent to not smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 25 years...it's that powerful," said Dr. Bradley Willcox.
     Dr. Willcox and Dr. Richard Allsopp spearheaded the breakthrough research. Mice were fed food containing doses of a compound known as Astaxanthin.    
      It's an ingredient found in supplements Honolulu based life sciences company, Cardax, Inc. distributes.
      Research shows the compound stimulates the life giving form of the gene in animals.   

     "What we shown is that we have a compound that actually activates Fox 03. So we connected some dots that didn't exist before," said Cardax CEO David Watumull.

     Scientists are now looking to test the theory on humans and are seeking funding for clinical trials.
     That's where they also hope to expand their knowledge on alleviating inflammation in the body which could be connected to heart disease and cancer.

     "All of these diseases seem to be linked to the building of this chronic inflammation so if you can find a way to reduce the chronic inflammation to combat that then you can sort of tackle these age related diseases at the same time," said Dr. Allsopp.  

     Scientists said if testing goes well we could be about fives years away from seeing a newly formulated supplement.

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