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Security firm finds Android phones preinstalled with malware

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A heads up for android smartphone owners. Your new phone may be infected with info-stealing malware. That's not even the scary part, your device may have been shipped with the evil software - pre-installed. Check Point - a California-based cyber security company recently announced 38 popular Android-based phones were infected with malware - even before consumers powered the devices up.

While the company didn't say where the phones shipped from or which companies are responsible, they did identify "38 Android devices belonging to a large telecommunications company and a multinational technology company." Malware on devices isn't uncommon but what makes this case unique
is the phones were infected with software that wasn't downloaded to the phone - it arrived with it preinstalled.

Check Point shares the following make and models of Android devices, plus the associated infected APK.

Smartphone Malware APK
Asus Zenfone 2 com.google.googlesearch
Google Nexus 5 com.changba
Google Nexus 5 com.mobogenie.daemon
Google Nexus 5X com.changba
Lenovo A850 com.androidhelper.sdk
LenovoS90 com.google.googlesearch
LenovoS90 com.skymobi.mopoplay.appstore
LG G4 com.fone.player1
Oppo N3 com.android.ys.services
OppoR7 plus com.example.loader
Samsung Galaxy A5 com.baycode.mop
Samsung Galaxy A5 com.android.deketv
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 com.fone.player0
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 com.sds.android.ttpod
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 com.changba
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 com.kandian.hdtogoapp
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 com.changba
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 air.fyzb3
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 com.ddev.downloader.v2
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 com.kandian.hdtogoapp
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge com.changba
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge com.mojang.minecraftpe
Samsung Galaxy S4 com.lu.compass
Samsung Galaxy S4 com.kandian.hdtogoapp
Samsung Galaxy S4 com.changba
Samsung Galaxy S4 com.changba
Samsung Galaxy S4 com.mobogenie.daemon
Samsung Galaxy S7 com.lu.compass
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 com.armorforandroid.security
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 com.example.loader
vivo X6 plus com.android.ys.services
Xiaomi Mi 4i com.sds.android.ttpod
Xiaomi Redmi com.yongfu.wenjianjiaguanli
ZTE x500 com.iflytek.ringdiyclient

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