A flurry of small earthquakes occurred on Kilauea's Volcano's upper East Rift Zone early Sunday Morning.
     The United States Geological Survey reports 31 quakes broke out over a period of 42 minutes.   At least six quakes were felt on the Big Island mainly in Ka'u and Puna Districts.

     USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory seismologists say activity like this isn't rare but it could be an indication of an eruption, which wasn't the case Sunday.     Seismic Network Manager Brian Shiro said it's likely a result of tectonic movements.

     "Kilauea is slumping towards the ocean along it's south plank kind of due to its weight. It's just pulling, slowly moving southward and it opens up these faults and from time to time it causes these faults to slip," said USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

   The largest quake magnitudes ranged from 1.7 to 3.9. No tsunami was generated.