The State Capitol has never had a history of violence, but Representative Gene Ward said it's beyond time to step up the security.

"Anybody can come here, anytime, and go to any room. The Governor's office, Representative's office, Senator's office. It's unsafe." said Ward. 

Ward wrote a letter Friday to the Department of Accounting and General Services.

In it he states, "Acts of terror have become common place in our society." and, "The time has come when being too open is being naïve and out of step with present security conditions."

Ward called the easy access and lack of adequate security measures in and around the building, a "Tragedy waiting to happen."

Everyone gets screened at the Fasi Municipal building and at the Federal Courthouse.  Not so at the Capitol.  

"We don't check anybody's I.D., we don't check or give anybody a question, we don't have any security metal detectors or anything. We are so open."  said Ward. 

Ward went so far as proposing moving tree planters from the reflecting pool to the Father Damien statue so cars can't get into the atrium.

"It's just being forearmed and forewarned - because some of these things, they're inevitably going to happen." said Ward. 

The Department of Accounting and General Services is in charge of security at the Capitol.  We reached out to them several times but were unable to get a comment.