Dentists at Waikiki Health Makahiki Clinic gave our keiki a reason to smile today. Project "Give Kids a Smile" lived up to it's name. 
  Over 200 Kike came to the free dental clinic offered by the Hawaii Dental Association. HDA aimed to address the issue of Hawaii's keiki having the highest number of cavities in the nation due to untreated tooth decay.
  "Having an event like this really helps us educate the families and gets the children exposed to the most important things about cleaning, brushing their teeth, and fluoride to help protect the teeth." said Dr. Scott Morita, chair for the HDA Young Dentist's Group. 

  On top of receiving a free screening, cleaning, and fluoride, keiki and their parents enjoyed a "Molar Mania" fun zone - complete with music, games and prizes. 

 "It definitely gives the chance for the kids to be more open to coming to the dentist so that they're not so afraid."  said parent, Christopher Mosley. 

     30 dentists and 80 volunteers made the clinic possible.   

 "It is so awesome to see all of these dentists getting together and doing something good out of the goodness of their hearts to help the future of Hawaii, the children of Hawaii, and their smiles." said Morita. 

     Families without a dentist were also offered guidance on where to seek treatment. This is the HDA's third year offering the clinic.  They say they're hoping to spread even more smiles next year.