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Artist fulfills President Obama's dream with white tees

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Being the President might be the most stressful job on the planet. Making all those tough decisions could drive anyone crazy.

Last summer, President Barack Obama and his then-Chief of Staff agreed their dream would be to open a T-shirt shack in Hawaii that sold only one item: medium white t-shirts. This, so they could go to work without having to make a single decision.  

"He (President Obama) and Rahm Emanual would have this short hand, when the going got really tough and they'd be exhausted by the decision making, they'd look at each other and one would say, 'medium' and the other would say, 'white'," said artist Emily Spivack.

That shirt shack is now a reality.

Spivack is behind the art installation that sells just one thing. You guessed it, medium white tees.

"I want to make this for President Obama. I want to make an installation that is basically a fulfillment of his fantasy," said Spivack.

"We want to make the feeling a little uncanny, a little unusual. People have been walking by and saying, is this art or is this a store? The answer is that it really is both," said Tal Schori and Russ Mehta of GRT Architects, who helped design the space.

The President's sister was the shop's first customer, giving him a medium white T-shirt for Christmas.

"We can now all step in and take over and begin making those difficult choices and decisions. We can put anything that we want on that tee, and by virtue of doing, so become a part of the fabric of this country," said Maya Soetoro-Ng.

Only 1,000 medium white T-shirts are available. If you want one, be ready to spend big. The plain white tees are $44, a nod to the 44th President. All proceeds will be donated to the charity.

Spivack said this is about much more than what's on the racks.

"I hope that people will experience a sort of respite or a moment of contemplation or a way to pause and to think about their own decision making and the kind of role it plays in their everyday," said Spivack.

You can experience it for yourself through February 9th at Ward Center next to Bed Bath & Beyond.

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