The start of closing arguments lasted close to three hours in the trial of a Maui man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
     Prosecutor Robert Rivera walked jurors through key moments in the trial. 
     Stating Capobianco's lies about his whereabouts the night Charli Scott was killed and visible cuts on his hands are reason enough to convict him.  
     Rivera asked the jury to recall Scott's sister Fiona Wais's testimony that claimed Capobianco was furious after learning Scott disregarded his wishes to abort their unborn child.  

     "He gets so angry that she's going to have a baby thats going to link him with her permanently. He doesn't want to be with her. He does not want anything to do with Charli. He hates her," Rivera said. 

     Rivera also pointed out dark comments Capobianco told co-workers just before Scott's death saying, 'What would be the best way to get away with a murder?'

     Scott went missing in February 2014. Days after she was reported missing, her clothing and fragments of her lower-jawbone turned up.

     Prosecutors also presented evidence she'd been stabbed in the womb more than 20 times. 
     "This is symbolic of his rage. This is symbolic of his anger and it shows that he meant to destroy
what Charli loved the most and what he hated," Rivera exclaimed. 

     Capobianco pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. Closing arguments from the defense are set for 10:00 a.m. Wednesday.