HONOLULU - In celebration of 110 years of service, Hawai'i State Archives dug deep into its collection and pulled out some of the Island's most unique treasures to share with the public.

From Queen Liliuokalani's original "Aloha Oe" transcript to the official pen that President Eisenhower used to sign Hawaii to statehood -- the archives held a massive open house for one day only.

"We have such an amazing diversity of history, from per-constitutional government , the monarchy, the provisional government, the republic, the territory and the state, that it all resides within this building and we have to take this opportunity to share it with the people," state archivist, Adam Jensen said.

Members from the State Archive's staff were on-hand, to answer any questions about the materials displayed and hold education sessions on family genealogy, land research and personal digital archives.

Jensen says his staff is in the process of making digital copies of the states archives, so that people can easily access the history of the Hawaii from the comfort of their own home.