HONOLULU - He's been in the State Senate for 20 years and now Senator Sam Slom could be in for the toughest race in his political career.  His opponent Stanley Chang is considered by some in the political arena to be a master campaigner.

"I've always had competition and I welcome competition, I think that's the way it should be," Sen. Sam Slom.

Republican Sam Slom has always taken on all challengers but this one could be the toughest.  He's protecting his job against Stanley Chang, a democrat who has build his career around face-to-face campaigning.

"I've knocked on about ten thousand doors at this point and I want to meet every single voter in this district and listen to what the concerns are," says Stanley Chang.

While the 74-year-old Slom has had some health scares in the past, doctors have given him a clean bill of health and he says he will also be on the streets campaigning as much as possible... 

"My opponent is probably one of the best campaigners in terms of going door to door.  i won't be able to do as much of that as i had been in the past but I'll do my sign waving I'll do door-to-door," says Slom.

Slom is the lone wolf Republican in the senate and welcomes more conservative voices.

"I would like to have some company certainly but you know, I'm a strong believer in conservative principals that means an individual can do all kinds of things himself or herself and I've tried to prove that," says Slom.

He's also in a district that historically serves him well.

"In a fairly Republican district, a very Republican district by Hawaii standards, that gives him an advantage," says Neal Milner, Political Analyst.

KITV political analyst Neil Milner says that advantage could be offset by Chang's youth.  Slom won his first Hawaii Kai seat in 1996 when Chang was just entering his teen years and Chang might be better suited to handle the rigors of a tough campaign. 
"The notion of having to campaign heavily when you haven't had to do that for a long time could be an advantage for Stanley Chang," says Milner.

The race is on for a seat in the State Senate and Hawaii Kai residents could be in for a photo finish.