A beachfront home in Honolulu has become a target for attempted break-ins, but unlike other crimes where suspects are in-and-out of the place, these suspects spend a lot of time lounging around.

There's been at least four attempted break-ins within one week. And the people who are doing it are not shy about it either, actually posting evidence on Instagram.

Surveillance video captures a group of teens walking right up to the beach front home on Hanapepe Loop. You can see them checking the locks, climbing up the house and jumping into the pool -- and they keep coming back for more.

The owners live out of town, but a family member watches over the place while they're away. He tells us thanks to social media, such as Instagram and the Stolen Stuff Hawaii group on Facebook, they were able to track down the teens.

"One of the pictures on social media showed one of the perpetrators smoking marijuana on the property while one of his friends is climbing up that wall," said Roy Chang, caretaker of the home.

And climbing up that wall caused quite a bit of damage -- the roof is missing some tiles, and a copper pipe now needs to be replaced. These damages cost at least a thousand dollars worth to fix.

"We know what school they go to, and we also know their parents," said Chang. "They're very young, and they're going to have to learn. And this is going to have to be one of those times."

The owners have filed a police report, and they're asking the teens who trespassed on their property, to turn themselves in.

If police don't pursue criminal charges, the owners plan on pressing charges themselves. However, he says the owners will be more lenient if those teens step up and turn themselves in.

"They could have gotten killed or injured or paralyzed," said Chang. "It's very, very dangerous."