NEW YORK - As the Hokulea pulled into North Cove marina near Battery Park, she was welcomed in chant by Hawaii students who had flown to New York for Hokulea.

Lilikala Kameeleihiwa offered another chant as the canoe pulled into the dock. Her son and grandson were on board.

Master navigator Nainoa Thompson explained a forecast of two cold fronts and gut instinct played a role in his decision to bring the canoe in a day early.

"The currents are a huge issue but if you couple that with gusty switching  possible gale force winds, you're basically asking the canoe to do something that's way beyond the level of safety and we don't do that," said Thompson.

Thompson said they'll now focus on tomorrow's welcome by Hawaiians in New York - Hawaiians from Hawaii and First Nations. The main thing: the canoe and her crew are safe.

"Every instinct of mine felt like it needed to go now. That's both educated but that's taught from a place along time ago and our ancestors knew way more than us and you've got to trust and so I made the call," said Thompson.