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Planting 'Perma' gardens help fight to save ocean

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Permablitz -- it's a movement quickly growing in Hawaii.

Volunteers gather together to transform a backyard into an edible, functional garden.

The landscape design is environmentally friendly. The goal? To minimize storm water runoff, a major contributing factor to ocean pollution. 

"So if you build healthy landscapes in your own yard, you can collect rain water off your roof, you can get healthy soils by mulching and fertilizing and composting with soils, and that actually helps with retaining water that's coming off of your land and stays here on site," said Rafael Bergstrom, Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter.

Donations from the Surfrider Foundation, Permablitz Hawaii and the community cover most of the project's cost. 

Work is completed in a single day. 

"It's become a moral issue to be like, 'Okay, I got to do my part to lessen our lifestyle impact to the earth.' So any little thing we can do here and there helps the big picture," said Allen Fanning, Permablitz Hawaii.

Since 2011, Fanning and his team have revamped dozens of backyards -- and the waiting list is growing. 

Volunteers who participate in three projects automatically qualify to have their own homes added to the list. 

This week, Pete Christensen's hale is on tap.  

"My son and daughter were able to do a permablitz a while back and got us on the roster to come over to do our house. It's just unbelievable, the amount of people that show up for these things, and it's all volunteer," Christensen said.

"It's just a beautiful experience to see a whole yard change from something that may have been causing damage to something that's producing food and holding water.

For more information on how you can volunteer, visit the "As Seen On" section of our website.

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