HONOLULU - Just a year ago, designer Kini Zamora was stitching away in the garage next to his parents’ solar heater. Now, Zamora owns a store with all the manufacturing space he can handle!

“That box that I had into now – this huge 2,400 square-foot space – it’s been crazy moving into a bigger space,” Zamora said. “I didn’t know what to do with it.”

Zamora's store is located in Halawa, a one-stop shop for fashion. From concept to design to distribution – it’s all here. One section is reserved for local artists seeking out a space to run their business.

“I wanted to give back to local merchants out there that didn’t have a place to sell,” said Zamora. “I know how that feels when you have product and you don’t have a place.”

Photographer Jeptha Eddy is thankful for the opportunity and says it’s a place where artists can work off each other.

“I’m able to use some of the outfits and have makeup outfits ready to go for people you want to photograph,” said Eddy. “It’s basically a team effort.”

Zamora says his experience on Project Runway has opened countless opportunities in the industry.

“I think to myself, how did this all happen? Do I deserve this? So I’m very appreciative and very humbled by what has come to me,” he said.

On Wednesday, Season 13 champion Sean Kelly helped put the final touches to Zamora’s line. Apparently, his first trip to Hawaii was already off to an ono start!

“We just had breakfast at… what’s it called? Liliha Bakery, which is really good. I’m already so full,” said Kelly.

Zamora gave a sneak peek of one of his 40 looks set to hit the runway on Friday. He says to expect a mix of boho and the 80's hit TV show Dynasty.