State lawmakers vote on more than 400 bills

Lawmakers work late into the night

Published  11:09 PM HST Mar 05, 2013

It was a marathon voting session for state lawmakers, who voted on more than 400 bills Tuesday.

The controversial bill to label genetically modified organisms passed, as House representatives gave it an historic approval.

"It's going to help people help identify foods and have the choice for GMO, organic or conventional foods.  I want to know what I eat," said Nomi Camona of Babes Against Biotech, a non-profit that opposes GMO foods.

The so called moped bill, which requires operators to register their mopeds, get inspections every year, and enroll in safety classes also passed.

The House recommitted the single use bag bill, which establishes a fee for each bag.  House representatives essentially killed the bill for this session.

Minimum wage workers can remain hopeful for a raise

The State Senate voted to raise the rate gradually from its current $7.25 per hour to $9.25 an hour within the next two years.

Celebrities can also celebrate the passing of the so called Steven Tyler anti-paparazzi bill.

It essentially protects anyone from being photographed or recorded in a private setting.

The House also tightened the definition of a gaming device, making an amendment to Hawaii's gambling laws. 

The bill would make gaming devices illegal and categorize them as gambling machines.

The House also passed a measure which prohibits employers from asking for passwords or access to potential and current employees' personal social networking websites.

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