Twelve jurors wrap up first full day of deliberations in federal agent murder trial

Former Honolulu city prosecutor weighs in

Published  6:52 PM HST Aug 19, 2013
Deedy at McDonalds

Throughout the trial, deputy prosecutor Janice Futa argued policies that govern special agent Christopher Deedy prohibit him from drinking even one drink while carrying a loaded gun.

Defense attorneys maintained that responsible drinking for an off-duty officer is allowed, but focused more on Deedy's responsibility and training as a law enforcement officer.

They argued Kollin Elderts and his friend Shane Medeiros started the deadly fight on Nov. 5, 2011, by yelling at a customer, then attacking Deedy and his friend Adam Gutowski.

Prosecutors believe, not only did Deedy spark the fight, but could have walked away more than once.

Former Honolulu city prosecutor Peter Carlisle weighed in on KITV4 Morning News, saying those were likely the strongest points for each side.

"You've got defense of self, defense of others, and then privileges as a law enforcement officer, where they're not allowed to retreat from a situation. So him doing that is obviously something that helps him in terms of his arguments.

Despite that, Carlisle said he believes, no one, with even an ounce of alcohol in their system, should be allowed to carry a loaded gun, and he believes, in the future, he would like to see the law changed to make that a crime.

"Ultimately, it would probably not affect this case a great deal, but the point is, we see it over and over again, people with some degree of alcohol in their system, with guns in their hands that are loaded. That to me is an untenable and intolerable situation," said Carlisle.

Deedy faces a second-degree murder charge, which carries a sentence of life with the possibility of parole, or he could be acquitted of all charges.

Jury deliberations in Deedy's case resume Tuesday morning.

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