HPD officer delivers baby on the H-1 Freeway

Officer Keogh's 2nd delivery on the busy freeway

Published  5:15 PM HST Apr 25, 2013

A Hawaii husband and wife started their commute as a couple; by the end of the ride, there was a baby on board.

Rush hour on the H-1 Freeway near Middle Street is always good for a traffic jam. On Thursday, motorcycle officer Stephen Keogh and two other officers wound up helping a family in a real-life jam!

"The dad pulled up right behind us in his pickup truck and said, 'Hey, I need some help. I don't think we are going to make it to the hospital, can you help us out?'" said Keogh.

The driver had his pregnant wife in the car, and their daughter decided she wanted to be born right away.

"Freeway, totally packed, noisy, dirty, chaotic, and the midst of all of that, myself and beat partners, the three of us, working together just to get this situation handled. We each took a role," said Keogh.

Just five minutes later, "That little girl came out right in that front seat of that pickup truck. She didn't want to wait," said Keogh.

"I think it was divine intervention, a lot of that, a lot of luck," said Keogh.

Lucky, because of you want an officer delivering your newborn, he is your guy. Since he has experience. Just six months ago, baby Zailyn needed help from Officer Keogh when she was born, also on the H-1.

"Not that we were any more prepared, but we work well together and it was a good team effort. In the academy, we don't get OB-GYN training, but we make do with the best situation we can," said Keogh.

Officer Keogh said he had clean towels and gloves in his motorcycle, which helped him deliver the baby.  It was a lesson learned from his first experience.  He said he's not thinking of changing his profession anytime soon.

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