Former neighbors of Andrew Snowden say he didn't speak to anyone

Published  9:15 PM HST Jun 09, 2013
WAIPAHU, Hawaii -

Residents living on Eleu Street in Waipahu say they are a tight-knit community. Neighbors say Andrew Snowden and his girlfriend didn't speak to anyone in the neighborhood.

"I passed by the house, and when he looked at me, I looked at him too, and then he just turned around," said Frank Gawiran.

"We occasionally saw him as he was coming or going, or checking mail, or getting the garbage. We would say, 'Hi how's it going? How are you? and he would just rush inside,'" said Carolyn Tijing.

Neighbors say Snowden lived in the house for about 6 months. However, they noticed something a little odd when his garage door was open. There were boxes and more boxes that lined the edge of the garage leaving only just enough room to let the door down.

"It literally went from top to bottom all the way across. It was odd, we thought it was really odd. Many times my husband and I commented, 'Why do you think they haven't gotten rid of their boxes? You know most people they move in and they get rid of their boxes,'" said Tijing.

They are shocked that their former neighbor, and someone they tried to get to know is the person who's allegedly leaked top secret information about U.S. Government surveillance programs.

"Very surprising, you don't really know your neighbors, you know it's really surprising, that it happens here. It's just odd and kind of shocking to us," said Tijing.

Neighbors say Snowden's move was quick. They say it was like one minute he was there, and the next he was gone.

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