Pflueger Ka Loko trial set for September

Retired car dealer rejects plea deal

 UPDATED 7:08 PM HST Apr 18, 2013

Trial for retired car dealer James Pflueger in the manslaughter case for the Ka Loko dam breach is set for Sept. 16, 2013.

This comes after Pfleuger did not accept a plea deal in the case.

Pflueger owned the land the Ka Loko dam sat on.  The dam's failure in March 2006 killed seven people and destroyed homes on Kauai.

Bruce Fehring's daughter, her husband and his grandchild were killed in the dam breach.

Attorneys familiar with the case say Pflueger was originally going to plead guilty to one felony count of reckless endangerment at Thursday's hearing.  Seven counts of manslaughter would have fallen on his company resulting in fines.

But, Pflueger maintained his innocence.

"Hopefully justice will be done in this matter," said Fehring.  "We're sorry that the wheels of justice have moved so slowly, but happy it's moving forward at this time."

In October 2009, the civil suit was settled.

Last month, Pflueger was found not guilty of tax fraud in federal court.

They attorneys for the Ka Loko Dam victims say the tax evasion ruling emboldened Pflueger to fight the manslaughter charges instead of taking a plea deal.

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