No Saturday mail delivery will hurt some island residents, businesses

Postal Service would save $2 billion annually

Published  5:21 PM HST Feb 06, 2013

Don't spend your Saturdays waiting for the mailman. U.S. Postal Service officials announced on Wednesday they will stop delivering letters and some first-class mail on Saturdays, but packages will continue to be delivered. The change will begin the week of Aug. 5 and it's supposed to save the U.S. Postal Service $2 billion annually.

"I expect to receive certain things on Saturday, on the weekends," said Kelvin Tyler.

Tyler's about to be out of luck.

"My family is from Louisiana, Mississippi, so [if] they send something, they would generally send it out during the week and I would get it on Friday or Saturday," said Tyler.

Post offices that are open on Saturdays will remain open, but your letters and some other first-class mail will not be delivered until the next work day.

Small-business owner Brian Finley said that doesn't matter.  No mail on Saturdays means it will slow down everything from receiving payments to sending out invoices.  

"Probably have to pay someone to stay longer on a Friday to get everything done so we can get it out on Friday," said Finley.

Others said since they can still receive packages on Saturday, the change won't affect them.  Many said nowadays they do everything online.

"I don't pay my bills through mail, I always pay them online, so it's a lot easier and quicker and it's already set up through the bank, so I don't come to the post office except to mail packages," said Danielle Stella.

The mail will continue to be delivered to P.O. boxes. The local postmaster says Hawaii employees will be impacted, but didn't have a number on how many. Most of the impact will be felt by workers involved in deliveries.

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