Hawaiians honor Queen Lili'uokalani

Published  9:39 PM HST Jan 20, 2013
Queen Liliuokalani anniversary

Hawaiians honored Queen Lili'uokalani at Iolani Palace on Sunday. It's been 120 years since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The palace was full of music and celebration for Queen Lili'uokalani.

"Coming together for a common cause is really important not just for the kapuna but for the young generation as well," said Charlotte Townsend.

"It's the celebration of the unrelinquished sovereignty of the Hawaii people despite all of that we are still here," said John Waihe'e, Chairperson of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission.

The huli-a-mahi celebration is being hosted by the NHRC.

Dozens have signed up at the event to be a part of the roll that the commission formed in 2011 in order to compile and publish a list of native Hawaiians.

The public list allows those who sign it to help organize a native Hawaiian governing entity. Maka'aka Rawlins put his name down and said he hopes this will help unite native Hawaiians.

"For me you either have a say or you don't have a say in the process," said Rawlins.

It's also a petition.

"As a petition it says anyone that supports the idea of unrelinquished sovereignty, whether Hawaiian or not, should be able to sign it," said Waihe'e.

So far more than one thousand people have signed up to be a part of the list.

The Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown on January 17 1893.

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