Hawaii State Library turns a new page with 100th anniversary

Published  5:20 PM HST Feb 02, 2013
State Library

The Hawaii State Library opened its doors in February 1913. The public library has been a sanctuary for avid readers for 100 years. The book room celebrated it's 100th anniversary.

"I grew up with books, just tons and tons of books, science fiction, and fantasy," said Reid Shimoda.

Shimoda said it's a resource that cannot be lost even if the look of his book begins to change.

"People read the e-books and then they come to get the things that aren't available on e-books. I think they feed off of each other and really encourage literacy in all its formats," said Diane Eddy, Hawaii state library director.

Two new data bases are launching with the centennial celebration.

"One is a learning resource and one is e-audio books, so you know things keep moving along," said Eddy.

Librarians said they aren't afraid of libraries going extinct because of technology like e-readers. They said it's just about modernizing and adjusting to the new advancements.

"The e-book revolution has certainly changed the way we do business, but more materials and more resources are available in different formats and different styles," said Richard Burns, Hawaii's state librarian.

Some don't want the changes to come too quickly since they like flipping pages.

"Honestly it just doesn't have the same emotion reading it on the e-reader versus actually having the book and reading it," said Shimoda.

The state librarian said the library system will continue to evolve and transform in hopes to keep libraries the center of its communities.

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